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Leather Camera Wrist Straps

I like the freedom of camera wrist straps but what I don't like is straps that constantly cling to your wrist when using the camera. So here I introduce The big O leather wrist Strap for Fujifilm, Leica, Sony, Nikon, Olympus and any camera that has the lug fitting. The big O comes from the oversized O ring and leather loop.

Don't be put off by the images this strap has been purchased and used for much bigger cameras DSLR digital and SLR film cameras.


The concept behind this strap is rather like a dog choker chain, all the time the camera is in your hand the loop is large and just sits on one part of your arm or wrist, if the camera is dropped and runs away from you because there is no friction the camera loop instantly closes and saves your gear from a nasty encounter with the ground.

Having a larger loop also means on cold winter days the strap will fit very nicely and freely over thick coats and jackets but still have the same effect.

The main principle behind this strap is comfort.

There are many ways to use the strap I've included an image with 3 possible ways on a lady with a very slim wrist just to show the size of the loop and how freely it hangs. The Big O wrist strap will take a fair bit of weight so theres no restrictions what type of camera you use.

Completely made by hand including cutting the strap from Full Grain Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather closed with silver rivets

1 size will fit all. 11mm wide @ 2.5mm thick. 1 Lug protector will also be included

NOT suitable for plastic lightweight compact cameras


Price: £12.50


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