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Vintage Style Small Leather Pencil Case

Traditional styled handmade Leather Pencil case which will hold 4 pencils maybe 1 more once the leather has broken in. Comes with 4 new sharpened HP Steadtler Pencils, Perfect for keeping your briefcase or art bag tidy.



Full grain natural vegetable tanned leather is the upper most side of the hide a natural material which may show some cosmetic imperfections a characteristic that makes every item made from this type leather very unique.

Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather is very strong and durable and its appearance will improve with use and age if looked after.


Made from full grain natural tanned leather
Oil dyed in brown Hand Saddle stitched in amber glow waxed thread burnished and waxed edges.

Please note because this is a hand dyed process the actual colour may vary from the photographs shown.

Dimensions: 185mm x 60mm

Notebook Not Included only for show


Price: £25.00

How to purchase this item

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